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Story of GTA 5


Basically, the story starts in 2004 with a bank robbery in San Andreas where three friends named Michael Townley, Brad, and Trevor rob the bank suddenly the police come there and attack them, but Travor kills the policeman and tries to run into the car. The driver was waiting for them in the car but the police shot the driver and started fighting between them. The police open fire and two of them shoot. Traver believes that Michael is dead Brad is caught by the police. But actually, Michael was live. 

After 9 years, Michael took the therapy from the doctor. With his new name Michael De Santa, started a family. the agency FIB helps Michael with his family protection. The officer of the FIB agency helps Michael to remove his criminal record. 

Michael meet Franklin

After that Michael meet with Franklin who is a corrupt car salesman, suddenly one day some people kidnapped his son with his car. However, Franklin helps him to save his son from the kidnappers. And then it is the start of a beautiful friendship. Michael sees his wife with his tennis coach so he destroys the coach’s house. But after the incident, he came to know that was the house of Madrazo, who is the drug dealer. Michael and Franklin contact a hacker whose name is Lester to rob a jewelry store to pay the debts to the Madrazo.

Trevor and Michael Reunion

Trevor now living in the state heard about Michael and approached him. Michael’s family leaves him and then Michael becomes a movie producer and tries to save his studio against Devin who wants to shut the Michael’s studio. Meanwhile, Franklin saves his friend Lamar from the gangster group. 

FIB agents Blackmail

Forward FIB agents Norton and Hanes blackmailed Michael to enter another agency named “The IAEA”. Michael and Franklin steal many IAA weapons and agents order Michael to remove any type of evidence incrementing him. Michael takes the opportunity to erase his own record. 

Truth of Michael

Traver comes to know that nine years ago their friend Brad was never arrested. He was killed and buried in Michael’s grave. Traver feels bad and feels uncomfortable reuniting for the other project. 

However, Franklin comes to know that Devin is waiting for him at home. Devin gives the choices to Franklin; he must kill Michael and Trevor. 

There are three different endings depending upon Franklin’s choice.

GTA 5 Android and iOS

Now, you can download GTA-5 for your Android or you can download it in iOS by clicking on the download button. Don’t miss it and enjoy it by downloading, it will give you a whole new experience while playing this game. Furthermore, It will work super smoothly online, what else do you want, so download it now and enjoy its journey with Franklin and Michael in the city of Lo Santos. This game is waiting for you to enjoy it for weeks and even months.

No WiFi

Single Player Mode

You can now play this game offline because of its advanced features. So, you can play it without an internet or data connection which is available in single-player Mode. But, if you want to play with many players, you must have an internet connection.

System Requirements

Developer CompanyRock Star Games
Android Version Required5.0+
Required Android Space2GB
Required Android RAM1GB
Last Update16 Jan, 2024

How to Download?




  • APK file size is 36MB.
  • Click the download button below “Download GTA-5 Mobile APK”.
  • If you want to download it on your PC, then you will connect your device to your PC.
  • Copy the GTA5.apk file to your phone.
  • Then you might ask “For security your phone is set to block the installation of apps obtained from unknown sources”.
  •  Go to the settings and then “Allow installation for GTA-5 Mobile”
  • After installation, you will see the icon on your tablet/phone.
  • Open it, it will be available in the form of an obb file and data files.
  • After completing the downloading, you will play this game.

Features of Grand Theft Auto Five Mobile 2023

To unlock the full features of this game, you can purchase some advanced features to enjoy the full version of GTA V.



One of the most impressive and realistic features of the latest version of GTA is its graphics. Developers have managed their graphics very well according to the system of mobile and Android and they are never compromised in their visuals. When we talk about realistic games then GTA 5 comes into mind because it creates excellent character models which make it absolutely stunning. You feel like you are racing like you are there yourself.


Offline play

With this feature, players can enjoy the game without requiring any type of internet connection. This feature is actually designed for the mobile gaming, where players do have not any access to an internet connection. In offline, players can play in a single player-mode explore the open environment, and complete their missions.



This interesting feature allows the player to switch different vehicles and weapons or even we can switch between different characters in the games by using the control system.


Touch Screen Control

This feature allows the players to control this game by using the touch screen of the mobile like tapping and swiping. It controls all the system like moving, shooting driving vehicles and interaction with objects can be used by touch-based controls.


Vehicle System

The vehicle system in this game is related to handling, customization, interacting with another vehicle. This game shows a realistic driving system by controlling speed, and provide players with a huge range of options to choose features based on their choice. Which we see a variety of vehicles like cars, motorcars, trucks, boats, planes, helicopters, etc. Players can easily customize vehicles according to their choices and preferences. Players can interact with other vehicles in different ways, like entering or exiting the vehicle, or hijacking. Players can store and save the vehicle at different locations; they can enjoy the ride when needed.

Pros and Cons of GTA 5

Pros and Cons of GTA 5

GTA 6 Trailer Launch

In September 2022, Rockstar Game first time shared the news about the new game GTA-6. But after some time rockstar confirmed that their website was hacked by an unauthorized third party and their things were leaked. The different part of GTA is that there will be a female character. The most amazing thing about the game was the realistic features. The Map of this version is the biggest map to date and missions will be in the Vice City.  

GTA-6 trailer release on 5 December 2023. The graphics look like real life. This time a lot of work has been done on the graphics and it is inspired by a lot of things in real life. Even social media in this game looks like our real social media like TikTok, Instagram, etc. there is one female character named Lucia and the second male character named Jason.




Low traffic on road

Heavier traffic on road

Low reflection lights

Better high-reflections lights

Reflection doesn’t show up in a distance

All light reflections show

Wakes look like a bunch of foam

Wakes are more distinct

Not realistic water waves

More realistic water and waves

Looks empty beach

Very busy beach

Not much movement on the water

High level of movement on water

Looks okay in closed-distance

Looks detailed in closed-distance

The surface is completely flat

The surface is bumpy

Interior images in buildings

Visible interior in buildigs

Not that much variety of animals and birds

A large variety of animals and birds


Yes, GTA 5 is also available on Android and you can download its APK file from the website.

To play this game you need to have about 5 GB of space in your PC and 2 GB of space in your mobile/android.

No, GTA V is free of any viruses/malware.

Yes, you can play this game in single-player mode with no internet connection.

No, this is not available on the Play Store but you can enjoy it by downloading from our website.

GTA 5 Mobile takes up around 56.1 MB of storage.


In conclusion, GTA 5 marks the standard in the world of gaming. This game brought excitement to the world of gaming and changed the whole mindset of gaming. This game enhances the interest by developing the control system, amazing graphics, iconic mobile features like touch screen, off play, and vehicle system. GTA 5 comes as a shining example in the entertainment industry.

We give you all the instructions about this game. You should download it here and install on your mobile or PC with your good internet connection.

So, the streets of Los Santos are waiting for you – are you ready to avail this opportunity?

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